Study Reveals Which Gifts are Most Likely to be Regifted This Christmas

Christmas around the corner, the pressure of buying presents can be too much for some, particularly this year amidst the cost-of-living crisis. This may tempt many people
to regift this year – receiving a gift and then giving it to someone else.

A recent survey conducted by
international delivery company
investigated the trends in people’s regifting habits, highlighting a large proportion of us repurpose our presents.

A shocking 89 percent of respondents reported they had regifted a present
before. Of those that did, 38 percent had regifted a present to their partner and 34 percent to a co-worker. Siblings and friends are most likely to receive a regifted present, since both had 39 percent of respondents selecting them.

The most common items to regift
were drinks, as 39 percent of respondents said they had regifted items like alcohol or sets of tea or coffee. Beauty products such as perfume and make-up were also popular
regifts at 35 percent, closely followed by food (34%) and toiletries (27%).

Over two-thirds of respondents (72%) admitted they plan on regifting
items this year. The recent cost-of-living crisis may have influenced this, with over half (53%) reporting that they are more likely to regift this year.

economies of regifting do seem favourable since under a third (30%) of respondents declared they regift because it’s cheaper than buying something new. However, more common
reasons are that it’s convenient (38%), it’s good for the environment (37%) and they think the person they give the present to, will appreciate it more (36%).

one in 10 (10%) admitted they’ve regifted a present to someone because they don’t like them enough to buy something new. At least it’s better than not getting them anything!

If you decide to regift this year, there are some key things to consider for discreetness:

Avoid regifting within the same circle – friends with
good memories might recognise a present from a previous Christmas. In the worst case, you risk giving them a present they gave you!

Only regift a present if it’s in perfect condition – giving
someone a used or broken present is a step too far, and they’re likely to realise

Keep the recipient in mind – regifting is much more acceptable
if the recipient will appreciate the gift

Elevate the presentation –
repackage items well and wrap them neatly, to give the appearance of being brand new.

Lastly, with postal strikes happening in the lead-up to Christmas, a staggering 90 percent of respondents reported they are concerned about delays when sending presents in the post.

Mike Ryan, Chief Executive at
Pack & Send

“With the cost-of-living rising for so many, it’s unsurprising
to see 72 percent of respondents plan on regifting this Christmas. In fact, this could become the new norm as consumers limit their spending in the coming months.

“And while delays are always possible around the festive
period, the recent postal strikes have understandably caused further panic. For peace of mind, I recommend checking with individual providers to ensure your parcel arrives ahead of the big day. “