Diet that heavy in pocket: Influencer bets on supper with 100% organic products and value exceeds $4.000

The model and digital influencer Wanessa Moura surprised her followers with the price of shopping for Christmas dinner: the price exceeded R$6,000. The influencer bet on 100% organic products. “I wanted to escape the traditional supper and not feel guilty the next day for eating so much fat. But the diet with organic products weighed on the pocket,” she reports.

The value of the supper, which was shared on his official Instagram profile, did not please some Internet users. “I think it’s absurd to spend about $ 4.000 on a Christmas dinner, the problem is the lack of sense”, “I hope this food is not wasted unnecessarily, also because there are many hungry people. It would be unfortunate for those 6 thousand reais not to be valued correctly. After all, it is straightforward to boast than to value”. Other followers supported her: “it’s complicated in a country where we have to pay more to have access to quality products, but Wanessa is not wrong to prioritize her health.”

Organic foods cost, on average, 30% more than conventional ones. This happens because the production of these items requires more investments from the rural producer, who has more socio-environmental responsibility and does not use pesticides or transgenic crops. Hence, organic. It is a high investment, but my health is worth more than anything else”, comments Wanessa.

The model has already been heavily criticized and is the target of much criticism about her body on the internet. With a very delicate pattern and always talking about weight loss and aesthetic care, she is often reported for generating controversy on the subject. “They say I encourage extreme thinness, but that’s my body type. I talk about healthy living, and I never said that someone has to have the same body as me; quite the opposite,” she explains.