Princess Eugenie and Beatrice will step up royal duties, claims Lady C

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice have been backed by Lady Colin Campbell as two members of the Royal Family who could be stepping up their duties as King Charles and Princess Kate undergo cancer treatment.
The royal sisters are reportedly set to take on more working duties in the monarchy, as the King remains absent from public-facing engagements.
Appearing on GB News, Lady C said the King is operating “such a slimmed down monarchy” that it has “become anorexic”.
Revealing her top picks for who should become more prolific in the working fold, she said Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are “good girls” and could do the job.
She said: “With the passage of time, Beatrice and Eugenie will be a point of doing a lot more, which is as it ought to be.”
In praise of the two royals, she added that they are “very good at what they do” with their personal work behind the scenes.
Lady C also revealed that behind the scenes, the Princesses “have been doing public duties very quietly”, but the attention has remained on the senior working royals.
She said: “For instance, during the Queen’s Jubilee, Princess Beatrice hosted an event that I was at, in lieu of the Queen.
“There has to be somebody stepping up. Otherwise, there’s just going to be too much of a dearth of people available.”
In criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Lady C claimed that there is “no possibility” of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex returning to the Firm as working royals.
Lady C explained: “My understanding is that not one of the four participants of whom we have been speaking has any interest whatsoever in ever interacting with Harry or Meghan in an official capacity ever again.
“Even if Charles were inclined and Camilla would go along with Charles to have some private rapprochement with Harry, there is no way any of them is going to want any official roles for either Harry or Meghan.
“They understand that they would be drinking poison from a chalice that they can well avoid drinking from.”