City & County Healthcare Group (CCH Group) Connects and Empowers its 14,000 Strong Workforce Through a Partnership with Staffbase

CCH Group, the UK’s largest home care provider, has taken a significant step in prioritising its workforce by implementing the Staffbase employee app across all 220 sites nationwide. This move underscores the Group’s commitment to placing people firmly at the centre of their business.

CCH Group’s decision to roll out the new employee communication app to their nearly 14,000 people is part of their overall strategy to connect the company, recognise employees and elevate the role of care workers. Insight work conducted by CCH highlighted that care workers often feel underappreciated for the work they do, despite being applauded as heroes during the pandemic. A phrase that stood out in the research was: “we are just care workers,” and reversing this perceived lack of status was instrumental in the development of CCH’s new employee-centric vision.

Gary Fee, CEO of CCH Group explained, “We are on a mission to create a culture of excellence and become the best place to work in care. We can only achieve this by listening to our people and encouraging participation in the decisions we make. Giving our employees a voice is a vital part of making them feel valued for their skills and dedication.”

The ability of the Staffbase platform to help build community and connect organisations will be a huge benefit to CCH group who are a family of 32 operating companies spread across the UK delivering a range of services including: homecare, supported living, live-in care, complex care and much more. Fee explains, “We named the app CCH Connect because it will play a pivotal role in knitting us together as one company, where we support each other to deliver more exceptional care. It will also help ensure that nobody feels they are working in isolation, which can be a risk of remote work.”

The Staffbase app will allow CCH to create a community where all employees can interact via smartphones or other mobile devices, wherever they may be. As well as keeping employees informed and providing information on what matters most to them, the app has several interactive tools to provide quick access to important documents, encourage feedback, share stories and celebrate employee success.

Staffbase Chief People Officer, Neil Morrison commented, “It has been inspiring to work with an organisation that values inclusion, respect, and recognition among their workforces. The healthcare industry presents its own unique challenges in terms of recruiting, retaining and motivating employees. An employee app from Staffbase is particularly well suited to this environment as employees are rarely office-based and often working alone. We have been impressed with the commitment that CCH managers have shown to inspire their staff to deliver the best possible care service.”