Yellow Peril: Do you own the UK’s most disgusting pillow?

It’s the contest no one wants to win – but now the search is on to find the UK’s most disgusting pillow.

Online bed retailer Winstons Beds has launched the wacky competition after revealing how to remove unsightly yellow sweat stains from pillows.

Now they are searching for Britain’s most disgusting pillow and want to gift the ‘lucky’ owner a brand new super luxury replacement.

But to qualify for the prize the pillow must be used regularly to sleep on – despite being long overdue a deep cleanse.

The company has released a statement on its website calling for owners of yellow pillows to send in photos.

A spokesman for Winstons said: “Pillows are super important, after all we each rest our heads on one for around eight hours every night.

“But while a good pillow can last several years if cared for properly, it seems many of us fail to take the necessary steps to ensure the hygiene of our pillows in the long term.

“That’s why we have decided to take things one step further by launching our very own search to find the most disgusting pillow in regular use in the UK.

“Perhaps you know someone who just can’t bring themselves to change or even clean their beloved pillow even though it definitely needs to be done.

“Or perhaps you are the proud owner of a pillow that has seen better days but which is simply so comfortable that you can’t bear to part with it.

“If so we would love to see a photo – with the pillow owners consent of course. So send your images, along with some brief details about why you think it deserves to win our contest to [email protected].”

They added that entrants should include their name, address and some info about the pillow – how long has the owner had it, when it was last washed, and why they can’t bear to replace it.

One lucky winner will be crowned Britain’s most disgusting pillow – and the owner will receive a prize of a brand new luxury pillow in immaculate white.

The contest closes on the 24th December with the winner selected in January. To enter visit: