Warwick Acoustics confirms MIRA Technology Park as new sustainable manufacturing site for revolutionary automotive audio products

Warwick Acoustics confirms that its expanded cutting-edge manufacturing operations will be based at the MIRA Technology Park (“MTP”), Europe’s largest automotive research and development site. The Warwickshire-based company designs, engineers and manufactures its revolutionary speaker systems in the UK and signed its first production contract in June 2023.

Warwick Acoustics’ Electrostatic Audio Panels are now in the final phases of industrialisation for the first customers of this new proprietary technology, which are 90% lighter and use 90% less energy than traditional automotive speakers.

The selection of the 100% renewable powered MTP site further enhances the sustainability credentials of the patented technology, which is made using upcycled materials and is 100% by mass recyclable and free from rare earth elements. The new building coincides with the construction of a 7MW solar farm by the site owners, which will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 2300 houses.

Warwick Acoustics’ CEO Mike Grant said: “We have been based at MTP since 2018 and it has been a superb site for us to conduct the research, development and initial manufacturing of our products. As we enter series production, we are very proud to significantly expand our operations here. Manufacturing our product where we are based is important to us, not only for ensuring the sustainability and quality of our output, but also because UK production offers real global competitiveness from where we can challenge industry norms in this huge $8bn global market.”

He continued: “Here in the Midlands, Warwick Acoustics is supported by Midlands-based venture capital firm Mercia Asset Management plc, as well as the Midlands Engine initiative. We also sit in a region that has a highly skilled automotive talent pool, allowing us to recruit the best qualified and experienced candidates to develop and grow this business. Business growth is our key focus following the successful completion of a £7m funding round, enabling the next step in our strategy to deliver a fundamental shift in the in-cabin audio experience.”

With eight granted patent families and two further patents pending, the British-designed and manufactured electrostatic audio technology from Warwick Acoustics brings a revolution to in-car audio, moving away from the traditional format of a speaker, the fundamental principles of which haven’t altered for nearly 100 years.