Unveiling the Ultimate A to Z Strategy Guide for Visionary Brand Success

The only book needed to succeed in strategic marketing and communication efforts, written to be an all-in-one solution suitable for time-starved conscious brand owners and business professionals.

In a world brimming with potential, too many companies stumble on the same basic errors—blinded by ignorance, swayed by fleeting trends, or shackled by immediate gains. These hidden pitfalls sabotage businesses, driving teams towards exhaustion and quiet quitting. Yet, the key to evading these pitfalls is remarkably within reach.
‘FROM PURPOSE TO PROFIT’ is not just a practical guide; it’s a strategic insight that empowers brand and business owners offering knowledge, skills, and tools required to construct self-selling brands, establish profitable longevity, thrive in saturated markets, and sidestep business-threatening errors.
Authored by Erin Andrea Craske, an executive coach and formerly an award-winning strategic marketing executive, this guide distils two decades of in-depth knowledge of business strategy, profitability principles, and brand passion into a practical and comprehensive journey.
This essential book stands out in the midst of marketing noise, uniquely designed to equip brand owners with:
■ The foundation principles of business, brand, marketing, launch, portfolio, and communication strategies – all one needs to know to contribute to their business’s success.
■ An easy-to-digest format, presenting marketing and strategy in a simple, down-to-earth, practical, and informal way.
■ A blueprint that merges concise structure with skimmable design and powerful insights, blending theory, practical knowledge, research data, case studies, inspirational quotes, classic frameworks, and actionable steps.
■ Strategic, psychological, and customer-centric wisdom, supplying readers with the mindset and skills necessary to navigate the challenges and seize today’s business landscape.
■ Interactive elements, from coaching questions to research techniques and reasons for common strategic errors to mitigative actions, ensuring a seamless journey towards profound transformation.
Backed by 20 years of strategic business experience, an honours degree in high education, along with 16 years of coaching, educating, and mentoring teams, this essential business book will:
■ Provide practical tools and knowledge while walking the reader through an easy step-by-step process of creating a strategy;
■ Aid to grow comfort around making strategic decisions and explain the connection between strategy, business longevity, profitability, and return on investment;
■ Help build confidence to challenge the competition and conventional thinking to create a differentiated and powerful brand;
■ Shift perspective from business to customer-driven and enable to form a strategic mindset rooted in customer empathy;
■ Empower to live and breathe the business purpose by turning beliefs into a tangible contributions; and
■ Demonstrate how to inject meaning into the business journey, making it more fulfilling and enjoyable.
This all-in-one solution meets the needs of busy, time-constrained professionals by offering a comprehensive repository of valuable, bite-sized information. It caters to young and mature, small-to-medium-sized businesses across various sectors, as well as entrepreneurs seeking to craft winning business plans. Agencies, coaches, and consultants providing business services to their clients will equally benefit from this information.
My goal wasn’t only about providing information but helping gain strategic business confidence, customer empathy, and satisfaction from running a business. It intends to make the reader’s business journey easier, more meaningful, more profitable, and more enjoyable. – Erin Andrea Craske, a former award-winning strategic marketing leader turned business author, educator, and certified executive coach.

TRIGGER WARNING: The guide references alcohol, tobacco, and sexual goods that may not be suitable for readers sensitive to these product categories.
‘FROM PURPOSE TO PROFIT’ is now available on Amazon, The Great British Bookshop, and through retail and online stores and distributors, offering transformative knowledge to English-speaking business professionals worldwide.