UK trade with non-EU countries continues to grow following Brexit

Following the extended effects of Brexit on the UK economy, figures from the Department for International Trade has found that trade with the EU has fallen by 1.7% in the third quarter of 2021 compared to that of last year. However, the data shows that trade with non-EU countries increased by 3.3% over that same period.

Negotiations between the UK and India for a Free Trade Agreement have continued to make steady progress this month, with the UK looking to secure a deal with the world’s fifth largest economy that could be worth over £100 billion to both economies. Other countries that have accounted for the UK’s growing trading partners include the United States, who remain top of the list, accounting for over 21% of UK exports and 12.5% of imports in 2020. Trade with East Asia has also shown significant growth, with South Korea, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia in the top 10 of UK trading partners. With over 13 million Brits wanting to invest in emerging markets, the future of the UK economy looks set to benefit from the global market.

With this in mind, JPIN Venture Capitalists Ltd (, leading investment bank between the UK and India, are set to continue international expansion, with a sole focus in generating greater accessibility for the UK when it comes to global investments. Having already established their presence in the Middle East, Africa, Singapore, the US and Europe within the last few years, JPIN have worked with various Unicorns, as well as some of the major key players in the MedTech and FinTech arena, with a strong desire to pour significant funds into various startup opportunities and invest in the future of emerging markets.

Gaurav Singh, co-founder of JPIN, comments on how international trade can benefit the UK’s economy:

“Investment opportunities for start-ups look set to be popular in the next few years, and it is clear the the UK have realised the desperate need to look to other markets outside the EU to assist with boosting the economy. At JPIN we are always looking to back the next generation of startups and businesses looking to change the world: the success of Indian startups that have been noticeably prevalent in the last year especially, is something truly exciting for us, and now, we are looking to expand towards other global markets that have significant potential.”