Skär Organics The UK’s first certified organic, luxury scented candle collection with actual sustainability at its heart

Pause to reconnect with the serenity of ancient traditions, amidst the complexities that modern life imposes on us and our planet. In these demanding times, it is essential to rediscover a simpler, more authentic form of luxury. Skär Organics invites you to embrace this philosophy with the UK’s first and only collection of Soil Association certified organic and award-winning candles.
Skär Organics skillfully combines traditional candle-making techniques with the purest certified organic ingredients, all presented with a stunning aesthetic. The candles are handmade in Yorkshire, a region steeped in Old Norse heritage; the name ‘Skär’ means clean, pure, and bright.
The collection from Skär Organics, including dinner candles, pillar candles, stubby taper candles, votives, and aromatherapy candles is ideal for chic table settings or cozy evenings in your chosen space. Each scent is meticulously curated around signature notes to provide a luxurious olfactory experience. Indulge in the relaxing aromas of Orange Spice and Ylang Ylang aromatherapy candles, crafted with certified organic essential oils, wax and wick. The significance of these candles being certified organic by the Soil Association not only ensures purity and quality but also offers peace of mind, benefitting the home and the wider environment.
In its commitment to authenticity and sustainability, Skär Organics sets itself apart from other brands by strictly avoiding soy wax, rapeseed wax, paraffin wax & synthetic fragrances —substances prohibited under organic standards due to the unnatural processes required for their creation, such as hydrogenation.
Skär Organics can be found at, TOAST, River Cottage HQ, Abel & Cole, Daylesford Organics, the Yorkshire Sculpture park and many more.