Saudi Pro League Has Outspent Major European Leagues With A 410m Outlay

Premier League And Saudi Pro League Dominating The Transfer Window

Two leagues have clearly dominated the spending as the ongoing summer transfer window inches towards its end. Premier League clubs have accumulated a net spend of €598.5 million, as per the data on Transfermarkt. Overall, the PL clubs have spent €1.39 billion on incoming transfers while making €797.2 m on outgoings.

Saudi Pro League is not far behind the richest league in the world. The latest investment by Saudi clubs in football transfers has dominated the news headlines for some time. And it’s quite clear to see why. The Saudi league has far outspent other major leagues such as Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga so far. Saudi Pro League clubs have made a net expenditure of €409.5m on signings by the end of July.

Besides the Premier League, Ligue 1 is the only one among the top five leagues to have a positive net spend on signings. Ligue 1 clubs have a net spend of €120.25m on signings. French clubs have spent €489.90m on signing players and have made €369.65m on player sales.

La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga have a negative net transfer spend, meaning clubs from these leagues have actually made money in the window so far. La Liga clubs have made €84.90m on transfers by the end of July. Spanish clubs have spent €253.80 on transfers while earning €338.70 on sales. Serie A has made a profit of €125.4m. Italian clubs have been far more active than their counterparts. They have spent €548.85m on player acquisitions while making €674.24m in sales.

Among the top five leagues, Bundesliga has made the most money in the transfer window so far. German clubs have a surplus of €133.5m in the ongoing window.

According to Vyom Chaudhary, football editor at, “The transfer window is expected to heat up in its last month, and one can expect even more activity in all leagues. However, it is noticeable that Premier League clubs have acted quickly rather than waiting for cheap deals in the window. Clubs in other European leagues are probably waiting for the last few days for opportunistic deals. Meanwhile, Saudi clubs have surprised everyone with their spending. It’s quite possible that they overtake the Premier League in the coming days.”