Plans underway to modernise the Reserve Forces & Cadets Association

Ministry of Defence Main Building, Horse Guards Avenue.

Plans to modernise the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Associations (RFCAs) were announced today following a year-long review by the Ministry of Defence.

Since their inception in 1908, the RFCAs have played a vital role in connecting defence with the nation through 3 core strands: management of the Reserve and Cadet Estate; helping businesses support their Reservist employees; and providing administrative and logistical support to Cadets.

The review notes how the RFCAs go above and beyond and ensure that their roles remain relevant and significant in contributing to defence objectives, as well as building links in the community. In particular, the Cadet Expansion Programme, which has increased the number of cadets, and the Employer Recognition Scheme, which rewards employers for their support of Reservist employees are due to the work of the RFCAs.

In light of the review’s recommendations, defence will now embark on a cross-government programme with the RFCAs to develop the best way to regularise the 13 RFCAs to drive efficiencies and provide enhanced consistency across the regions for our armed forces.

The RFCAs remain a vital partner to defence, and the proposed reforms will provide the foundation to not only strengthen this relationship, but also enhance their role in communities across the UK. This will ensure our Reserves are best able to meet future capability needs and the Cadet experience continues to deliver for our young people.