Oxenwood expands services to include specialist Belgian Bluestone expertise

Outdoor bespoke furniture maker, Oxenwood, renowned for its unique Belgian Bluestone tabletops, has this year expanded its services to include the specialist supply of Belgian bluestone in a wide range of formats across the UK. Working with garden designers, interior designers, and private clients, Oxenwood now sources this unique limestone for a wide range of public and private projects.
Oxenwood has been utilising Belgian Bluestone to craft artisan tabletops for both outdoor and indoor furniture for over 10 years and is now positioned as a leading Belgian Bluestone specialist in the UK. This highly durable stone is renowned for its resistance to frost, UV, pollution, rain, and wind, making it the primary choice for Oxenwood’s tables. This new service expansion positions Oxenwood as one of the leading distributors of the material in the UK, offering a thickness of up to 60mm, the largest depth offered in the UK and in a wide range of formats and uses. Belgian bluestone is utilised in tabletops, staircases, worktops, paving, cladding, cobbles, tiles, and many other natural stone products.
“Owning Belgian Bluestone means owning a piece of natural history created 350 million years ago!” said Charlie Alexander, founder of Oxenwood. “It is incomprehensible to think that the stone forming part of your project was created 350 million years ago. Bluestone offers something completely different to engineered stone with each piece incorporating its own unique natural history and its own unique character. Belgian bluestone which has been mined in the region of Soignies in Belgium for over 300 years, is a remarkable stone which has been cherished for centuries for its durability and unique character. This beautiful stone is more than just a component of any project, it’s a piece of our planet’s natural history to be appreciated for generations to come.”

This limestone has a blue-grey character with unique fossils and shells present in each piece. The fossils and crinoids present in the stone add to its distinct, unique, and authentic character. The quantity and size of the fossils, crystals, and veins vary from piece to piece and are an inherent characteristic of this unique stone. Belgian Bluestone is a safe and reliable non-allergenic and incombustible option for any living space.

Belgian Bluestone is mined, cut, and finished using environmentally friendly techniques, making it an eco-conscious material that appeals to those who are environmentally aware; designed to be passed down throughout generations.