Online searches for ‘Cancer Symptoms’ in the UK rose by 82% after Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis announcement.

According to experts at The Devonshire Clinic in London who analysed the search data, Google searches still remain 11% higher than average almost 2 weeks later.

Searches for ‘Cancer Signs,’ and ‘Cancer Tests’ also rose by 45% and 85% respectively.

Dr Conal Perrett, from The Devonshire Clinic in London said:

“Raising awareness of cancer symptoms plays a crucial part in saving lives.

“By sharing her experience, Kate Middleton has not only shed light on the realities of battling cancer, but also inspired others to seek help and support.

“It’s all about understanding, compassion, and breaking down stigmas, and in speaking out, she’s become a person to look up to for those facing similar challenges.

“As shown by the data, speaking publicly has led to others searching for cancer symptoms and tests, thus increasing awareness, and ultimately saving lives.”