Manufacturer Britishvolt appoints automotive icon Charles Morgan as Board Member to bolster ground breaking gigafactory plans

Battery manufacturer Britishvolt today announces the appointment of automotive specialist Charles Morgan, to both the Advisory Board and Board of Directors, as a non-executive Director.

Charles, whose grandfather founded world-renowned British brand Morgan in 1909, combines his automotive heritage with a deep global industry knowledge, and a passion for a sustainable, green future. In his new role, he will become a valuable contributor in guiding Britishvolt to realising the full potential of the UK automotive supply chain.

Having amassed nearly 30 years’ experience leading the innovation and strategy at Morgan Motor Company, Charles has championed projects such as the Morgan Aero 8, the Morgan Lifecar and the electric Morgan Threewheeler, where he recognised the importance of harmonising sustainable manufacturing with design. In 2010, he became a founding member of the government-backed Automotive Council Advisory, as well as serving on the Executive Board at the prestigious Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), for nine years. In these roles, he was responsible for facilitating the introduction of low carbon motor technology into the UK market, and developing the supply chain for prestige car makers. Currently, Charles is a doctoral researcher at the Intelligent Mobility Design Centre at the Royal College of Art, where he is investigating the future of craftsmanship and its human values in a world of digital design.

Charles Morgan, Member of the Advisory Board and Board of Directors, comments: “As someone who has always prioritised a light, low carbon footprint for all Morgan cars, I am delighted to join Britishvolt in its mission for a greener future, and to inspire the next generation of low carbon manufacturing in the UK. My interest in sustainability stemmed from my time leading the innovation and strategy at Morgan Motor Company, where I wanted to combine new technology with the beauty and skills of human craft. Our inventive, meticulous approach meant Morgan was the first to market with an adhesively bonded chassis, and our sustainable manufacturing meant the Aero 8 car was verified as the greenest V8 powered vehicle of its era.

Charles continues: Moving forward, I want to combine my passion for beautiful vehicle design with a fascination for innovation. My current research project combines modern technology with an understanding of the diversity of the world that we live in – skills that I hope will translate to support Britishvolt’s vision of becoming one of the world’s greenest battery producers. The renewable energy potential in areas such as South Wales, make it an extremely attractive site location, and it was notably the first region to adopt zero carbon goals into its manifesto. The UK’s current gaps in the supply chain for vehicle electrification, coupled with the rising demand and readily available technology – on top of post-pandemic pressures on public transport – are all acting as catalysts for the innovative products Britishvolt is proposing.”

Lars Carlstrom, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Britishvolt comments: “We are honoured and excited to welcome such an eminent automotive figure to our Advisory Board and Board of Directors. The Morgan family was instrumental in the creation of the motor industry in the UK, and Charles forms part of a great tradition and heritage in British car making and design. He is able to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to guide our project to success, having spent nearly 30 years at the helm of creative innovation and strategy at Morgan. Charles has also been at the forefront of the green automotive revolution for many years – he was vocal and bold in his vision for sustainable vehicle design and manufacturing long before mainstream adoption, and is still leading the way as an ambassador for the industry. Our goals are close to both his personal and professional interests, and we are looking forward to working closely together for a greener future.”