Labour mentions Green Jobs 15 times and Green Skills only once

Sarah Mukherjee, CEO for the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA), which represents almost 22,000 environment and sustainability professionals, said growing ‘green skills’ was vital and fundamentally underpinned the UK’s transition to a cleaner economy.

Sarah Mukherjee, CEO at IEMA, said: “The Labour Party manifesto references clean energy jobs around fifteen times, which is welcome, but there is only one mention of skills directly related to the green economy.

“There is a green skills gap looming because green jobs in the UK are growing twice as fast as the growth in green talent.

“If they win the election, we would urge the Labour Party to develop a Green Jobs Plan that accelerates the uptake of green skills, to ensure we have a workforce that can deliver the green economy of the future.

“If unaddressed, the green skills shortage will compromise efforts to achieve legally-binding carbon and environmental targets. Taking action now will also mean that workers currently employed in the fossil fuels sector can transition into clean energy roles.”