Introducing The Black Sonic Bluetooth Toothbrush from Simply Teeth

Available only from Simply Teeth – 49.99 –

This black app-connected Sonic Toothbrush with 5 setting cleaning system is perfect for those who love their smile and are seeking a dentist level product for their needs. The brush offers oral care for children and adults with its five bespoke brushing modes.

  • CLEAN: For exceptional everyday cleaning
  • WHITE: Remove surface stains from the teeth (appropriate toothpaste required)
  • SENSITIVE: Gentle cleaning of teeth and gums
  • SOFT: Gently massage gums
  • POLISH: Dental polishing to whiten the teeth

Other fantastic benefits of the Simply Teeth Sonic Toothbrush are the one-button power and mode selection, it’s 40,000 brush strokes per minute, a smart timer of 2 minutes for that perfect balance of cleaning and time management and its Dupont Bristles. It has up to one-month battery life and comes complete with wireless charger. Once connected to the mobile app for either IOS or Android your sonic toothbrush comes into its own, with its 16 area brush guidance, your mouth will feel both clean and refreshed.