Heritage Customs shows new Coachbuilt Valiance Convertible Defender!

Crafted to precise customer specifications, the Belgravia Green Valiance Convertible embodies the design DNA of the Land Rover Defender 90. Heritage Customs presents the coachbuilt Convertible variant as part of its Valiance lineup, elevating the allure of the Defender 90 with a selection of Magic Metal finishes for both exterior and interior, bespoke forged wheels, distinctive leather upholstery designs, and the option of exclusive in-house designed sports seats.

Through Heritage Customs’ Carchitecture program, clients collaborate closely with a team of skilled designers and artisans, enabling them to realize their unique vision and create a truly personalized Heritage Customs Valiance.

Heritage Customs, renowned trailblazers in crafting bespoke Land Rover Defender conversions, proudly unveils their latest creation from the automotive design realm: the Belgravia Green Valiance Convertible. Building upon the success of the world’s first Convertible Land Rover Defender 90, this fourth iteration from Heritage Customs boasts a captivating green hue. Enhanced by sleek black accents throughout, including the bespoke Heritage Customs side vents and handcrafted fabric top, this Belgravia Green Convertible epitomizes sophistication and boldness.

Stepping inside, a bold red colour palette continues the luxurious ambiance on the leather interior, enhancing the driving experience for the discerning client who has chosen this Valiance Convertible. Meticulously crafted with attention to every detail, the interior of the Belgravia Green Valiance Convertible draws inspiration from the classic gentleman’s brogue shoe design, featuring a timeless pattern on the seats of this open-top vehicle.

A standout feature of interior is its striking contrast between the Belgravia Green paint, visible on the inside of the doors, and the red leather applied on the dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, and roll cage. This design choice imbues the Valiance Convertible with a dynamic and sporty flair, making a bold statement on the road, especially with the roof retracted, showcasing the interior in full view.