Glass Door welcome government’s commitment of £105m to keep rough sleepers safe

A statement from Glass Door CEO Lucy Abraham

~In response to the government’s commitment of £105m to keep rough sleepers safe~

We’re glad to hear that the government is committing £105m in new funding to make sure that no-one housed under the ‘Everyone In’ scheme will be returned to the streets. We are facing an historic opportunity to build on the progress made in the past three months, and we hope this commitment of funding will support thousands of people into longer-term housing.

Many people we work with have not been eligible for support in the past, despite living and working in the UK legally. We hope this announcement will usher in a new commitment to support all, regardless of immigration status.

I think the progress made in the last few months has shown us that sifting and sorting people based on complicated criteria wastes precious time and resources. Everyone is worthy of safe housing.

And while this commitment will hopefully offer a lifeline for many facing eviction from hotels, we also need to remember the hundreds of people who are becoming newly homeless every week and all those who are still on the street.

At Glass Door, we look forward to working in cooperation with local government and other charities to find safe, long-term housing for all.