Father’s Day Bouquets Designed By Kids, Launched By Arena Flowers

New research by Arena Flowers reveals just 17% of children would consider gifting their dad flowers for Father’s Day. Despite being an undeniably thoughtful gift, most men never receive flowers, despite how easily kids can point out colourful blooms they associate with their fathers. So, the ethical florist has created ‘The Dad’ bouquet which kids have designed to ensure they give their father figure the perfect gift this year.

On Sunday 16th June, many dads, grandfathers, uncles, step-dads and other paternal figures will wake up to a day that celebrates and honours them. They may receive a full English breakfast freshly cooked by their loved ones or a custom mug for the world’s greatest dad. Whilst many gifts are commonly associated with Father’s Day, flowers aren’t among the most popular, with just 17% of those planning on buying a gift for their father figure saying they would consider a bouquet.

So, to normalise the act of giving flowers to the male influences in our lives, Arena Flowers enlisted the expertise of 1,000 children aged six to 14 to create a bouquet they consider worthy of giving their hero on the 16th of June. The children also transformed their vision into drawings to help the florist bring ‘The Dad’ bouquet to life.

Introducing: The Dad Bouquet

To help craft the bouquet, Arena Flowers’ in-house experts asked 1,000 children to choose three flowers they’d like to give their dad from a selection of 20. The clear winner that makes up the bulk of the bouquet is yellow roses, chosen by over a quarter (28%) of the children, followed by white campanula (22%) and white chrysanthemums (21%), which are brought together nicely with lilac clematis (19%) and purple veronica (17%).

When asked about their choices, some of the children said:

Freya, aged 6: “The yellow flowers are beautiful just like my dad. He helps me pick buttercups when we walk our dog Ziggy, and they remind me of the buttercups.”

Aleksy, aged 8: “My dad always looks after our garden and makes sure all the flowers and daffodils look pretty. I chose the yellow [roses] and the purple [veronica] because I think they are the same flowers as the ones my dad loves in our garden. Purple is his favourite colour.”

Beau, aged 5: “My dad is big and strong, the [white chrysanthemums] look just as strong as my dad.”
Asta Foufas, Technical Manager at Arena Flowers, commented: “The choice of flowers is extremely interesting. Yellow roses were the most popular choice, and whilst they are beautiful, they also symbolise joy and friendship, reflecting the affection a child may feel towards the fatherly figure in their life. Likewise, white campanula has origins in Ancient Greece, representing everlasting love in many of Venus’ stories, whilst lilac clematis and purple veronica both share the symbolism of aspiration. The latter is extremely fitting for a Father’s Day bouquet designed by young people looking up to the adults who surround and love them.

“We are incredibly proud to create our first Father’s Day bouquet as a way of normalising flowers as a gift for men, as many surveys* have revealed over 60% of men would love to receive a bouquet as a token of appreciation. We hope this encourages people to gift flowers to their loved ones on 16th June and beyond.”