Experts warn against TikTok’s viral resealable plastic bag shower hack

TikTok’s recent viral ‘shower hack’ racked up 3.6 million views, 36.8k likes, and over 6000 saves on the app over the past few weeks.

The viral video sees TikTok user @kris__tik putting her mobile phone in a resealable plastic bag, attaching it to a clothes hanger, and hanging it from her shower head so she could watch TV in the shower.

Whilst some comments commended the hack, saying “I’ll definitely try this” and “soo who doesn’t do this???”, whilst others immediately raised questions like “How long are your showers?” and “What about the water bill? 😅”.

Warren Kinloch, Bathroom expert at Bathroom Deal, has debunked the hack, giving 3 reasons as to why it’s risky and not something he would advise.

Most plastic bags and phones are water resistant, not waterproof.
“While some plastic bags and modern phones might boast water resistance as a unique selling point, it’s important to take those on the chin. These ratings typically refer to brief, accidental exposure and there is a large difference between something being water resistant and waterproof.

A steamy shower environment for an extended period significantly increases the risk of water ingress. Even a small amount of water damage can lead to corrosion, electrical malfunctions, and permanent damage to your phone, so this isn’t a hack I would recommend if you want your phone to last.”

You’re killing the phone battery with the humidity.
“Shower environments are terrible for phone batteries. I don’t recommend having your phone in the bathroom with you, let alone in the shower itself. The heat can cause the battery to work harder and degrade faster, while the humidity can lead to internal condensation. This combination can significantly shorten your battery life and potentially lead to overheating issues that mean you’ll likely have to replace your phone sooner.”

Get ready for your water bill to increase.
“Long showers are a major contributor to high water bills, so this isn’t a hack most people will want to try during a cost of living crisis. While watching entertaining content in the shower might seem relaxing, the reality is it can easily lead to extended showering habits that become a consistent problem for your monthly outgoings. Instead, consider using mindfulness techniques to help generate relaxation. You could also play music through a waterproof speaker, or set a 5 minute timer so your full attention is on washing rather than entertainment.”