British invention closes a gap in on-site fencing

A new multi-use invention from the UK has turned its attention to solving a problem for construction sites and events, helping to create secure fixing points for terminating a run of temporary mesh fencing against a shipping container.

The solution involves using Domino Clamps’ flagship product to attach a 42mm steel tube to a shipping container, so that normal fence panel couplers can then be used to connect the far end of the last fence panel, preventing anyone from passing through the gap.

“Temporary fencing is only ever as good as its weakest point, and if the final panel just ends butted up against a container or a portable building on site – it’s there”, says Domino Clamps inventor, Justin Beardsell. “Without a way of securing the last panel, anyone can easily lift the end of the final panel out of its block and move it out of the way.”

The method requires only hand tools and does not damage the container. Perfect for construction sites where shipping containers, containerised generators and portable site accommodation are part of a changing landscape, along with the need to keep areas fenced off and secure.

Domino Clamps are made in the UK and can help attach many other things to shipping contains, or ay other portable unit which uses ISO standard corner castings for lifting. The company also Sells the tube clamp kits to complete the fencing panel solution.