British explorer Oli France completes 3,500-mile cycle across North America through Blizzards, Bears and Bison

One of the UK’s most intrepid cyclists and a leading explorer, 33 year old Oli France from Wigan, has spent six weeks cycling across North America and Canada from the lowest geographical point to the highest with an elevation gain of over 20,000 feet (the equivalent of Mont Blanc and Ben Nevis combined). During the cycle, Oli faced extreme weather including searing heat, blizzards, snowstorms and thunderstorms as well as encountering bears, bison and moose all while camping rough along the route, often 100s of miles from the nearest town.

Currently in the process of a four week unsupported climb of Mount Denali (formerly Mount McKinley) in Alaska and the highest mountain on the continent of North America, Oli will return to the UK on 3rd June and we’d love to offer you an interview with Oli to talk about his incredible adventure on his return.

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Oli’s epic cycle ride & mountain climb is just one of seven huge challenges that Oli will undertake to become the first person in the world to travel from the lowest geographical point to the highest on all 7 continents – entirely by human power. “The Ultimate Seven Challenge” will see Oli traversing deserts, jungles, icecaps, mountain ranges and oceans on foot, by bike, ski and kayak; this historic adventure will span the entire globe and see Oli cover 15,000 miles across 20 countries and achieve 4 World Records in an epic feat of endurance.