Birmingham car parks being ripped up by ‘tin-pot councillors’

POLITICIANS in Birmingham have been branded “tin-pot councillors” over plans to reduce traffic by selling off land used for car parking.

The scheme was condemned by Howard Cox, founder of FairFuel UK and the Reform UK candidate for Mayor of London.

He told GB News: “I’ve gone past being angry. I feel sadness for these tin-pot councillors who have nothing better to do but just, ‘oh, what more can we do to hurt the drivers?’

“The worst thing about this is it’s going to hit the economy of Birmingham. The high streets are going to suffer from people not driving in to park, to go and shop, to go to restaurants, go to theatres and that sort of thing.

“It impacts on small businesses, small, sole traders who use small cars and vans to go and do work in the city. It is absolutely crass stupidity and why they’re doing it, I don’t know, but they certainly didn’t ask any of the voters or the people of Birmingham.”

“There was no public consultation. It’s just been based on this idea that the motorist is a bad thing and everything to do with the green economy is a good thing.”

In a discussion with Martin Daubney, he continued: “And don’t forget they’ve got a Tory mayor. You can’t believe this is a Conservative administration.

“You can’t blame it on Labour, even though one of the Labour councillors behind it is a transport spokesman for it. They are the ones actually driving this.

“The simple thing is, no one was asked. It’s totally undemocratic.”

He added: “What is going on with this thing? And I repeat, it will ruin the economy of Birmingham. I just don’t get it.”