Arriving in the UK Penniless after Surviving the Croatian War of Independence: Man Builds Luxury Property Brand for the Rich & Famous

A man who arrived penniless in the UK after surviving the Croatian War of Independence has managed to build a property empire and establish a luxury brand catering to the rich and famous in just four years. Mirko Didara, the fifth youngest in his family, escaped death when bombs nearly struck his home in City of Osijek. Forced to leave their residence located 20 miles from the border due to the conflict, his family faced numerous challenges. He encountered bullying at school but overcame language barriers by learning English through television subtitles. His journey began with humble beginnings, working in concrete mixing and stonemasonry, contributing to construction projects owned by Croatia’s wealthiest individual, Ivica Todorić. These experiences ignited his ambition, showing him the possibilities achievable through hard work.
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At the age of 21, Mirko encountered the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” which served as a catalyst for reshaping his fortunes and pursuing greater opportunities. Despite being seen as a rough diamond by his peers, he married in 2011 and embarked on a journey of saving every penny he could. His initial venture involved importing cars from Germany to Croatia, an endeavor that faced challenges from the start due to limited work opportunities. By the age of 29, with a growing family, Mirko realized that to secure a prosperous future, he needed to leave his home country. Although work permit restrictions confined their options to EU countries, he chose Dublin as his destination.

Beginning as a kitchen porter, Mirko’s determination propelled him to double his wage within four years. In 2019, an opportunity arose within the UK through a sister company of the firm he worked for in Ireland. Despite the initial setback of a promised job falling through upon arrival, his resolve remained unshaken. He considered this adversity a gateway to greater accomplishments.

Recognizing gaps in the property market, Mirko tirelessly pursued various jobs and continuously pushed his boundaries. He delved into literature on strategy, rental accommodations, and marketplace leveraging. Despite a zero credit score and the need for refinancing, he eventually found an agent who provided a chance. Assistance with referencing and flexible rent payment terms provided a lifeline. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in lost bookings, yet government support and his full-time work in quality control paved the way for transformation over the subsequent three years. Today, boasting over 11 properties, including several luxury offerings, Mirko’s journey culminated in the refurbishment of a luxury 3-bedroom residence. This marked the realization of his dream, as he introduced the global luxury property brand “Bliss & Beds.” This unique enterprise tailors experiential bespoke holidays for the affluent and renowned, promising distinctive experiences around the world.

Throughout his journey, Mirko Didara’s commitment to generosity and community remains unwavering. He was once alone in the world but was granted a second chance, inspiring his dedication to giving back to the UK by engaging in impactful initiatives that uplift communities.