Apple Pay and Google Pay Added to TrustistTransfer’s Innovative Payment Platform

TrustistTransfer, an innovator in secure and efficient payment solutions, announces the integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay into its mobile payments platform, enabling users to make payments on the go from their mobile phones.

At the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions that prioritise user convenience, the inclusion of Apple Pay and Google Pay means that users of TrustistTransfer can now enjoy a frictionless payment experience directly from their mobile devices, with the benefit of market-leading payment protection through advanced encryption and authentication methods.

Nigel Apperley, CEO of Trustist, commented, “As one of the lead innovators in the use of QR codes in payments, TrustistTransfer is a true visionary in meeting the security and convenience needs of consumers. Integrating with Apple Pay and Google Pay is a key milestone for our users!”

As well as bringing enhanced security and convenience to users through TrustistTransfer’s mobile payment platform with Google Pay and Apple Pay, support is accessible to users around the world, contributing to a borderless and inclusive digital payment ecosystem.