Ant Austen launches first book to glowing 5* reviews and Best-Selling status

Ant Austen, founder of the online personal development company BeTheLimitlessYou, is delighted to announce the official launch of his first book, titled Who the Hell Are You: Understand Yourself. Find Your Purpose. Live a Better Life.

The book, which was launched on Amazon on 26 February 2024, instantly became a No.1 Best Selling book within 24 hours of its launch and has a perfect rating of 5 stars across six reviews.

Who the Hell Are You delves deep into the personal side of personal development, and aims to make the reader become acutely aware of how they got to where they currently are in life. How not only their past experiences, but also the role that they played in their past experiences have shaped their worldview and lead them to form their present reality.

The reason why Ant wrote the book is because he believes that most people are tiptoeing through life thinking they’re not good enough to achieve the success they seek. He wanted to write a simple step by step process to get people self-aware and self-assured so they can advance towards their dream life with confidence.

BeTheLimitlessYou’s vision statement is: “A world where all people use their creative power to make a positive impact”. Tapping into one’s creative side can be the ultimate antidote to the chaos that many of us can feel during our lives, and this is just one of many ideas that Who the Hell Are You explores in depth.

In a world dominated by frivolous spending, materialism and finances as a measure of self-worth, Ant’s view is that instant coffee, instant shopping and AI intelligence is stifling human creativity within society and it’s making people miserable and contributes to the ever-rising mental health crisis. The author of Who the Hell Are You wants people to understand that success is personal. And only when a person knows who they are can they get in touch with all the things they truly love. Then, they can personalise success through their own thoughts in a way that aligns their wants with their own morals and values.

Ant is delighted with the positive reception his book has received so far and hopes that it will continue to help more people find true value from their lives. He said: “When a person is self-aware, they’re able to self-discover their true potential, identify all that they love, clarify their ideal life, and then move towards actualising it with calm, conviction and confidence. This is what I hope readers grasp from reading Who the Hell Are You and I am over the moon with the glowing reviews that it has received in such a short period.”

Who the Hell Are You is available to buy from Amazon for £11.99.

Furthermore, Ant has created a workbook to accompany the book which is free to download from his website. To find out more about Ant, follow him on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.