5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Thriving on International Cat Day

As International Cat Day approaches on Tuesday 8th of August, it presents a perfect occasion for cat owners to shower their feline companions with love and undivided attention. Take this opportunity to create a joyful environment that will keep the cat thriving for years to come.

Cats are often perceived as self-reliant creatures, not needing anything special to be satisfied. However, this is a widespread misconception, as they share common emotions with humans, such as boredom, loneliness, and even depression when their environment fails to satisfy them.

“Taking the time and effort to introduce some cat-friendly adjustments in the home can undoubtedly enhance both the well-being of your cat and your relationship with them” says Head of petGuard Marketing, Alex Bennett.

To celebrate our four-legged friends, specialist pet insurer petGuard shares tips on how to keep cats happy and healthy:


A cat’s nutrition is the key to its good health, and can have significant long-term benefits, potentially preventing serious, painful, and costly illnesses. A growing number of vets emphasise the importance of feeding canned food rather than dry food. Dry food contains little water content, high carbohydrates, and a higher proportion of plant-based over animal-based proteins. Additionally, being heavily processed in high temperatures, all essential nutrients are destroyed. These factors directly impact cat’s weight, bodily functions, and behaviour.


Just like humans, animals need physical activity to maintain good health. For those who want to encourage a more active lifestyle for their indoor cats, offering entertaining toys while away can be beneficial. However, it’s essential to remember that the owner’s personal attention plays a significant role in promoting the animal’s mental well-being. It is vital to find time for playtime with various toys, such as toy mice, cat trees, and ropes with fluffy balls.


Unlike their wild ancestors, domesticated cats crave human attention. Recent research shows that almost 1 in 4 cats and kittens bonded to their people, meaning they have attachments to specific humans, and not just humans in general. Regularly making time to snuggle, pet, and engage in play time can have a remarkable impact on their overall well-being.

Cats are wonderful creatures. They are kind, caressing, elegant, wayward but lovable. Undoubtedly, there’s bound to be at least one cat that has captured the heart of anyone who has had the pleasure of their company in their home. For those fortunate enough to have a feline companion, ensuring their comfort and happiness becomes a reciprocal act, as they are sure to return the favour with affection and devotion.

Finally, it is important to consider cat insurance to ensure the cat is covered if in need of any treatment. “Cats are extremely curious and playful. That’s why it’s important to research your insurance options to keep them protected as they explore their world”, adds Bennett.