Putting a spring back in your step

Walk Pain Free is the exclusive designer and supplier of its original gel orthotic.


The Chesterfield firm supplies individuals, medical professionals, therapists and sports markets in many countries worldwide with a range of uniquely-designed, non-toxic, liquid gel-filled insoles.


They are available in three sizes which can be easily trimmed to fit all footwear sizes between UK 3-13 (European 35-47). Insoles start from £35 and can be bought from www.walkpainfree.co.uk.


Key features and benefits of the insoles:


    • Massage with every step you take!
    • Cushion when standing
    • Absorb shock when walking, jogging or running
    • Spread the body load over a larger surface area of the soles of your feet
    • Unique massage, ‘ripple-action’ of the liquid gel flowing through the insole
    • Anti-slip base for greater security


Walk Pain Free sells a variety of orthotic products but most notable is its gel soles (with or without magnet), perfect for anyone stood on their feet, guaranteed to ease pain and put a leap back in your step.