Love is in the Z1 Air with ROIDMI’s latest vacuum

Cordless vacuum cleaner brand ROIDMI has released its most affordable model to date – the Z1 Air. With a RRP of just £199, the Z1 Air is sure to get hearts racing with its lightweight design, powerful motor and easy to use trigger switch.

The grab-and-go cleaner works across a variety of floor types, features a motorised brush head, up to 60 minute run time on a single charge, and anti-tangle brush roller design – perfect for households with pets. The stylish model caters for allergy sufferers with its 5+2 Multiple Air Filtration System that secures dust and allergens firmly inside the vacuum bin, keeping the air in the home clean and fresh.

The ROIDMI Z1 Air also features triple noise reduction technology for quieter vacuuming and, despite its more affordable price tag, still offers multi-award winning cleaning brand ROIDMI’s innovative technology and Scandinavian inspired design.

Tipping the scales at only 1.55kg as a handheld cleaner and just 2.6kg with an extension tube and motorised floorhead in place, the Z1 Air is ideal for quick clean-ups or full house cleans.

It can be used as a stick cleaner with its powered floorhead or as a handheld vacuum with a selection of tools designed to clean all areas of the home, including mattresses and hard to reach corners and crevices. The 0.65l bin offers one-touch emptying to minimise dust exposure from start to finish, and the 10-cyclone dust separation system and multiple filters ensure dust, dirt and allergens are captured in the bin, and not blown back into your room.

The Z1 Air delivers up to 60 minutes runtime on standard power level and up to 10 minutes on maximum power mode.

Triple noise reduction technology

The Z1 Air delivers extremely powerful suction on maximum mode yet can be as quiet as just 72dB on standard power mode thanks to triple noise reduction technology. Its brushless digital motor is a high-speed, high-tech design that dramatically improves suction efficiency and extends the life of the motor. All ROIDMI models with digital motors are covered by a five-year motor warranty, keeping your cleaner cleaning for longer.

The Z1-Air’s 10 cyclone dust separator, designed to smooth the airflow through the cleaner and efficiently separates particles into the dust bin. The dual-layer filtration system adds a final layer of noise damping, and the fully washable pleated design of both layers creates very little resistance to exhaust gas airflow. Even on the highest power setting, the Z1 Air does not exceed 83dB noise output, delivering quieter cleaning which is easier on the ears.