Emily Maycock recently took her love of travel to a whole new level when she said ‘yes’ to her partner of 19 years during The Travel Franchise’s latest training trip abroad.

Emily, from Derbyshire, was enjoying the ski slopes of Aspen along with 20 other franchisees and staff, when her partner Martin Good decided to pop the question at the top of a mountain.

Martin Good explains: “As soon as Emily told me that we were going on an incredible trip to Aspen I decided there and then that I was going to propose to her. We had a group photo with a few of the other consultants, who are now good friends, and I decided that was the right time. I shuffled along on my snowboard, got down on one knee, popped the question and Emily burst into tears and said ‘yes’.”

Emily, who says she was totally unaware as to her partner’s plans and cried and shook as she travelled back down the mountain following the proposal, added: “Aspen will always remain in our hearts as a very special place. We plan to return with our son and friends and family.”

Emily joined The Travel Franchise in December 2021 after a lot of soul searching, as she previously worked in her family business but was desperate for more freedom and flexibility.

She explains: “I had been in a family business for about 20 years, but it just wasn’t what I wanted to do any more. When I came across The Travel Franchise online I decided that it was definitely the route I wanted to go down. I used to get up at 4am, but now I’m around more and I can even go to school events during the day.

“It is also great being part of a wider team and having the support and guidance of the franchise behind you. It’s just one big family, really. Meeting up with all the other franchisees on the trips away is amazing. Two of the people I trained with are really close friends now and we speak most days.”

Jenny Farenden, Head of Franchise Marketing at The Travel Franchise, comments: “As a franchise we often head away together as small groups, it might be to learn about new places, or to play golf in fabulous surroundings, there’s always something new to do and somewhere new to explore. It is a way of saying thank to all our franchisees, but also a chance to learn, brainstorm and build team spirit. Obviously, our latest trip to Colorado was memorable for more than just the skiing! Everyone couldn’t believe it when Martin proposed, we are all so happy for them both.”