Expert comment on retail prices amid cost of living crisis

Skuuudle is a retail price comparison company which works with clients such as Asda and Primark and today offers its expertise on the cost of living crisis, rising inflation, the effect on retail markets, and what it means for consumers.
A spokesman for retail price comparison experts Skuuudle said:

“Shoppers are being squeezed from all angles and will be cutting back on spending, moving from higher priced retailers to lower priced ones, and from branded products to own-label offerings.

“To compete with the discounters, the major supermarkets need to improve their ability to match own-brand products so they can provide better value for customers with confidence.

“The big focus from investors on rapid grocery delivery in recent years has been scaled back massively in this new economic climate, and some of that capital may now find its way in to supermarkets and retailers who can offer better pricing for customers while remaining profitable.”