College Student To CEO of Multimillion $ Asian Food Delivery App

In 2017, Eric Liu was an international student studying computer science at the University of Nottingham when he became CEO of a tech company.

One of the hardest parts about Liu’s move from China to the United Kingdom was navigating the food culture. Even though there were several Chinese restaurants in the city, Liu and other Chinese students found it nearly impossible to order from them. The reasons? All the menus were in English, and the names of dishes, as they were translated, had no meaning for them; and in any case, they were all essentially filtered and altered for local (read: British) palates.

His solution was to build an app that provided all the information to students like him in a format that they could use, including items that typically might only be offered on side menus to Chinese customers in Mandarin, if at all.

Today, HungryPanda is the leading Asian food and grocery delivery platform. After raising $90 million in 2020, HungryPanda is now available in nearly 60 cities in 10 countries, including the UK, France, Italy, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

I can arrange interviews with Eric Liu to discuss HungryPanda’s continued success and how he has created a safe space for Asian food and grocery business owners and consumers.