XeroE launches the iVan® the new, connected, intelligent electric van

XeroE, the urban delivery service working towards making our cities cleaner and greener places to live, work and breathe, is adding a fleet of 20 innovative, 100% electric vans for its deliveries.

With its mission to reduce toxic air levels and prevent greenhouse gas emission-related deaths, XeroE already uses its fleet of environmentally friendly cargo bikes, bicycles and electric scooters to transport goods to Londoners, and is the delivery company of choice for sustainable, eco-conscious brands.

XeroE CEO Steve Evans said “Whilst we are getting more and more goods delivered to our door many people are conscious of the negative environmental impact that this brings. By using our fleet of electric vehicles, individuals and organisations can act more responsibly and contribute to making our cities healthier places to live.”

The new iVan® (Intelligent Van) is fully equipped with the latest air quality monitoring equipment from Compair®. This enables XeroE to measure the outside air quality on every second of every journey made, helping to contribute valuable data, including GHG reports and eco-compliance reporting.

This adds to XeroE’s work with its unique Health Tracker which records how much CO2, NOx and Particulate Matter have been spared by making the journey by electric vehicle, rather than petrol or diesel. Working in conjunction with Imperial College London, the Heath Tracker shows the costs to the NHS that have been saved with XeroE shipments and the lifetime savings as a result.

In London alone, around 3,800 deaths each year are caused by air pollution, according to the latest study by leading think tank Centre For Cities, and levels of emission are well above the lawful WHO amount. In Europe, up to 50,000 gas emission deaths could be prevented each year if air pollution is limited to WHO levels.

COVID 19 has of course increased the pressure on NHS resources, and XeroE is proudly offering a shipping method that contributes directly to NHS cost savings, estimated at £180,000 in 2020.

With the help of live tracking technology, iVan® drivers are advised immediately of any new orders in their current location, automatically accepting them and adjusting the optimised route, making more efficient use of existing space and reducing congestion, and doing so emission-free.

Supported by London’s business community and organisations including the New West End Company, The West End Partnership and Crossriver Partnership, XeroE is officially classed as carbon neutral by the United Nations, and plans to roll out its services to other UK cities in 2021, beginning with Bristol in March 2021.