Workers in the East Midlands have the best views when working from home

Transitioning from the office to our makeshift desks in the spare room hasn’t been easy, but swapping out the backdrop of your colleagues workstation for a better view out of the window has been a definite positive for some workers!

A new survey that looked into how office workers across the country are feeling about working from home has revealed that there are elements of our temporary work spaces that we wish we could bring back to the office with us.

The research carried out by Moneypenny, the outsourced communication provider, revealed that office workers in certain regions would miss the view the most from their home office space.

In fact, it was workers in the East Midlands who said they would love to be able to see the same stunning scenery they see from home, back in their regular day to day office, with 18% of people saying so.

To be fair, who would say no to a beautiful backdrop of the Peak district greeting you before your morning briefing! Or perhaps it’s the natural beauty of the sweeping landscape in Derbyshire and Herefordshire.

It’s not just East Midlanders who would be sad to see the scenery go, as 12% of Londoners said they wish they could pack up the view and take it with them. With such an impressive city skyline like that, who could blame them?

But not everyone is as impressed with their new lockdown office view.

Only 7% of workers in the West Midlands said they’d miss their work from home scenery, and the feelings are mutual with just 8% of those working in Northern Ireland saying the same.

Despite not being able to bring your favourite view from home in your work bag, there’s still plenty to miss from the workplace.

Whether it’s the office dog, your desk plants, or even just how much easier it is to speak to colleagues, so there’s many reasons to miss the office, and the best part is, that beautiful view will still be waiting for you when you get home!