Want to save 10% on a holiday home in Florida?

Europe’s largest privately owned real estate agency, Ideal Homes International, has announced a 10% discount offer at The Grove Resort & Water Park in Orlando, Florida. The team will be on-site at The Grove from 5-9 April, running Zoom viewings and one-to-one consultations for buyers who are keen to take advantage of the offer.

Ideal Homes International has already sold 150 homes in Portugal and Spain so far in 2021, with Chairman & Founder Chris White negotiating discounts directly with resort owners and then passing these along to buyers. The transaction makes sense for both parties – the seller benefits from the rapid sale of multiple properties, while the buyer benefits from a reduced price.

Used to running 20 events per year prior to the pandemic, the Ideal Homes International team is certainly experienced at meeting buyers’ needs when it comes to viewings, tours and all the other aspects of overseas property discovery.

“We’re anticipating major interest in the discounted homes at The Grove from 5 April. We have a limited number of homes for sale at the discounted rate, which means that families who act fast are going to end up with an absolutely superb bargain.”

Chris White, Chairman & Founder, Ideal Homes International