The Most Instagrammed Street Art Murals During UK Lockdown

Research conducted by wallpaper design brand I Want Wallpaper took a deep dive into the world of street art to reveal the most Instagrammed street art murals in 2021.

London was revealed as the Most Instagrammed Street Art City, at 968,009 hashtags, with Bristol coming in 2nd with 114,800. Manchester was crowned street art’s Northern capital with 42,746 tags.

Below are their results highlighting The Most Instagrammed Mural (by city) and The Most Mentioned Street Artist (by city). 

With lockdown still in effect here in 2021, Brits across the UK are staying close to home. But it’s not all doom and gloom – in fact, many have been using it as an opportunity to get out and discover some of their city’s local hidden gems.

Street art has been a revelation in lockdown. With most of the arts shut down, artists took to the streets to bring some colour into our lives, creating stunning displays in areas that the public could love and appreciate socially distanced. They also helped to celebrate key figures in 2020, including frontline NHS Practitioner Debra Williams to beloved footballer and social activist Marcus Rashford.

Most Instagrammed Street Art City (UK) 

City Hashtags
London 968,009
Bristol 114,800
Manchester 42,746
Sheffield 33,065
Birmingham 28,491
Glasgow 23,075
Liverpool 12,574
Belfast 12,433
Aberdeen 9,073
Edinburgh 5,122
Newcastle 4,628
Cardiff 3,248
Leeds 2,402
York 368