The micro-mist skincare pods you need this Spring

Spring is in sight! And as we finally turn our backs on winter and look forward to milder, more sociable days ahead, our skincare switchover is in action.

With its innovative micro-misting applicators, RÉDUIT puts a magnifying glass to skincare as we know it. Gone are the days of formula guesswork and slathering on anonymous amounts of product. With RÉDUIT it’s all about optimal quantities of targeted ingredients, applied to the skin via ultra-absorbent micro particles. Simply pop your ingredient ‘Skinpod’ into your RÉDUIT device, press the button, and watch as an ultra fine film of skincare benefits mists onto the surface of your skin, only to be fully absorbed seconds later. With options to treat, hydrate and even cleanse skin, RÉDUIT puts winter damage reversal into our own hands.

Wondering which pod is your skin’s best sidekick for the season? Let’s break them down.


Clear Dew Skinpod For battling blemishes

Infused with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory golden chamomile, this alcohol free, non-comedogenic pod is a must for acne-prone skin. Designed to minimise blemishes, reduce further breakouts, eliminate scars and reduce redness.


Precision Shield Skinpod For skin protection

Strengthen your skin barrier with camellia sinensis leaf extract. The antimicrobial active ingredient is chosen for its ability to prevent future breakouts, block free radicals and improve the skin structure.


Clean Vapor Skinpod For pore minimising

Great for deep cleaning pores, this mist cleanser gently removes residual oil and grime, leaving skin smooth, hydrated and clear. It’s even effective on makeup removal when used as the second step to your double cleanse routine.


Hydro Boost Skinpod For a hydration boost

Anti-inflammatory betaine and rosa rugosa flower extracts offer gentle hydration while helping to balance skin’s moisture levels throughout the day. This pod also contains a dose of allantoin – a powerhouse in softening skin.


Pearl Diffusion Skinpod For all-round skin health

With cult ingredient niacinamide (vitamin B3), plus a dose of reishi mushroom, this pod is designed to promote skin-firming keratin production, improve skin’s moisture barrier, reduce inflammation, and brighten the appearance of skin.


Ageless Mist Skinpod For smoothing out wrinkles

Dehydration is a fast-track to fine lines. Thanks to active ingredient hydrolyzed collagen, this pod’s task is to strengthen the skin’s dermis layer, boost elasticity and deliver antioxidants for an overall smoother appearance.