Subhash V Thakrar joins JPIN VCATS’ advisory board

JPIN VCATS, as the largest investment network and venture capital fund for Indian and British cross-investment, has been joined by top talent to provide counsel for investors looking for symbiotic relationships with ambitious startups, and for new businesses that need a vital injection of capital to grow.

A key tenet of their work will be to drive investment and growth for firms across the regions of UK outside the capital, as well as aiding the ‘golden triangle’ of technology between London, Oxford, and Cambridge.

About Subhash V Thakrar:

Subhash V Thakrar started as a qualified chartered accountant and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, after which he became the first Asian partner with Blackstone Franks in 1983. He then founded the Asian Business Association (ABA), which was a pioneering initiative to help London’s Asian businesses get into the mainstream.

Subhash then became extensively involved in joint ventures and investment funds in India, and more recently, Africa. He is a firm believer that sub-Saharan Africa today stands where India did in the 1990’s, and that it therefore has vast potential. From here, his expertise led to consulting and management, providing advice for those wanting to scale in emerging markets and expand into Britain.

This expertise also led to several public positions, including joining Britain’s first trade mission to India with PM Tony Blair, and further missions with PM Cameron, and then London Mayor Boris Johnson. More recently, he has been appointed by the UK Government as a Commissioner to advise the Secretary of State for International Development. His previous appointments also include Chairman of the London Chamber of Commerce, and the Bank of England small business panel.

Subhash V Thakrar comments:

“Britain is still the financial capital of the world, and will always be a priority market for companies, and what is happening in the Indian startup ecosystem is truly exciting. These two facts make what JPIN VCATS is doing in terms of cross-investment and collaboration very interesting, and I can’t wait to get involved.”

Nayan Gala, founder of JPIN VCATS, comments:

“Subhash is an inspirational and influential figure, and his experience working in emerging markets, and helping their expansion into the UK, provides a directly transferable set of skills that will be very useful. We are very excited to welcome him on board”.