With the first day of summer fast approaching, June 21, there’s never been a better time to ensure your home is light, bright, and airy for the warmer months ahead.

Research* has shown that spaces with an abundance of natural light can improve your mood and wellbeing, making bright and airy homes a popular choice for many homeowners.

Premium fitted furniture brand, Neville Johnson specialise in creating bespoke designs that will make the most of natural light in the home and make your space more feel bright and spacious this summer. From glass staircases to bright libraries, there are several bespoke renovations that can transform your home into a light and stylish space that oozes sophistication.

A glass staircase is the ideal choice for homeowners looking to brighten up their homes for the summer months, as the design encourages beams of natural light to flow through the home. Neville Johnson’s staircase featuring a bespoke glass balustrade, combines dusted oak treads and risers with elegant asymmetrical glass panels for a sophisticated finish. The design also incorporates LED downlights, which will ensure your staircase and landing remains light and stylish all-year round.

Mark Benn, Senior Designer at Neville Johnson said: “Glass staircases are a good way of ensuring the home appears light and spacious, and can create the illusion of an open plan space even in small hallways, making it a particularly popular choice with our customers.

“It also creates a picture frame effect so whenever you choose to redecorate, the staircase will always complement the interior décor.”