REVEALED: Squid Game costume global searches spike by 8,000% as fans prepare for Halloween

New research has revealed that ‘Squid Game costume’ is set to be this year’s must-have Halloween outfit after a massive spike in searches following the recent release of the Netflix series.

The study was conducted by creative resource Design Bundles, which analyzed searches for Squid Game and the top ten most popular Halloween costumes based on film and TV characters. The research found that the smash hit new Netflix series ‘Squid Game’ has rocketed to the top of the Halloween inspiration charts, despite the show only launching last month.

Worldwide searches for ‘Squid Game costume’ have increased by a massive 8,000% since the show has been available to stream. It has now become by far the most searched costume compared to ten other Halloween outfit favourites inspired by film and TV characters such as the Joker, Pennywise the clown from IT, and Harley Quinn.

On 7th October, ‘Squid Game costume’ received as many searches as the next six most popular costume searches combined. Between 17th September on 8th October, Squid Game accounted for nearly a third of the top 11 most popular costume searches.

The second most searched costume since the launch of ‘Squid Game’ is Catwoman, with 18% of the searches during the period. Despite not appearing in a major film since 2012, when Anne Hathaway played the character in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, the search data shows that the costume has enduring appeal.

‘Harley Quinn costume’ ranks as the third most searched TV and film costume in the build-up to Halloween so far, receiving 11% of the top 11’s search. In fourth place is the Joker costume, which has accounted for 7% of the top 11’s searches, but has also seen the second highest rise in search interest over the past four weeks, at 333.3%.

Spiderman places fifth for total costume searches since 17th September, while spooky clown Pennywise is in sixth.