REVEALED: Listening to Cardi B will make you rich

The Body Shop reveal that Google searches for ‘manifestation methods’ have increased 15,492% in the past year alone, after the wellness trend gained a whole lot of traction across TikTok and Instagram.

By definition: ‘manifestation’ originates from the Latin ‘manifestare’ or ‘make public’. This method suggests that through focus, we can turn our visions into reality by putting them out into the real world, or in other words, by making them ‘public’.

According to science, music has the power to help us tune into our inner focus. Strategy & Alignment Coach, Sarah Sienkiewicz says “Music can help you to tune into the frequency of how you will feel when you have manifested what you’d like to attract”. From earning our riches, being successful, to finding love and living a happy life, the soundtrack behind our manifestations is key. To find out which songs are best to listen to for manifesting your dreams, The Body Shop has delved into 1,000 user-created Spotify playlists around ‘manifestation’, highlighting the most popular tracks.

Top 20 Songs for Manifesting Your Dreams into a Reality

Chris-n-Teeb and Ariana Grande are clear favourites with Chris-n-Teeb appearing in the Top 20 SIX times!

Sarah Sienkiewicz says “The music can calm you down or pump you up depending on what mood you’d like to create and what you’d like to be a vibrational match for. Music is a great way to choose your state of mind, body and energy”. So, choose the playlist right for you based on your manifestation and vibrations and take that all important first step to achieving your goals.

To help focus on a particular type of manifestation, the research by The Body Shop has highlighted the top ten songs for three of the most popular manifestations: money, love and success.