According to the ONS, UK residents spent £13.8 billion on visits abroad in 2020, a fall of 78% compared with 2019, but with the vaccine being rolled out, many people are feeling ready to travel once again.

Health and wellbeing experts at Eden’s Gate analysed the top holiday destinations on the amber list using metrics such as average flight price, COVID curfews, average hours of sunshine, restaurants with outdoor dining, UK search volume (public demand) and the average temperature in June.

Eden’s Gate have taken the overall scores and ranked each country in order of best to worst places to visit for a holiday this summer for hopful holidaymakers looking to jet away if the Government confirms the lifting of travel restrictions for double-vaccinated Brits.

Portugal came top, followed closely by Mallorca and Ibiza. Morocco and Barbados came bottom of the list.

Please see the table below for full data:

Country Overall Score Average flight price (£) Curfew Average sunshine (hours) Restaurants with outdoor dining Search volume


Average temperature (°C)
Portugal 81.9 123 01:00 12.0 1572 10,200 21
Mallorca 79.4 148 23:00 12.0 2558 850 21
Ibiza 78.3 163 No 13.0 778 24,000 22
Malta 75.6 144 0:00 11.0 704 7,300 23
Grenada 58.5 633 0:00 8.0 59 1,100 27
Jamaica 56.1 680 20:00 10.0 257 5,900 27
Morocco 53.5 748 23:00 10.5 374 2,700 24
Barbados 52.2 1,519 0:00 9.0 191 6,200 27

Commenting on the research, Tyler Woodward CEO and Founder at Eden’s Gate said:

“Here at Eden’s Gate we are all about relieving stress and anxiety, and after the year we have had, we think a holiday is an answer to many people’s problems.However, choosing a safe destination, and being fully vaccinated, is paramount. The countries on the amber list with the highest scores will be the places you can have the most relaxing holiday, with ease of access to covid-safe outdoor restaurants, flight prices that won’t break the bank, and plenty of sunshine. As long as you’re vaccinated – of course!”