It can take just a matter of minutes to form a first impression on someone, however, for some all it comes down to is the NAME.

Today, a new poll has revealed that a whopping 43 per cent of Brits will make a judgement on someone’s personality based on their name alone.

Commissioned by Wheyhey, those with names deemed boring are branded as being “vanilla” – a term used to describe someone who is plain and not interesting.

When questioned, the 2,000 respondents crowned Archibald (19 per cent) as the name most associated with being boring – a close call for Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s first-born, Archie.

On Archie’s birth certificate, it does not state that his name is short for Archibald. However, Archie is a derivative of the name.

Alan (16 per cent) and Cyril (16 per cent) took second and third spot, with other boy names such as Barry (14 per cent) and Kevin (11 per cent) making the top 20.

When it comes to girls, Brits named Brenda (14 per cent) are believed to be the most “vanilla”, followed by Barbra (13 per cent) and Fanny (12 per cent).

Those named Anne (12 per cent) and Jane (11 per cent) also made the list, as well as Karen (11 per cent) – which has become in recent years a pejorative slang term to describe someone who is unhappy when little things don’t go their way.

Despite those named being perceived as a party pooper, the sugar-free ice cream brand believes it is time to turn the term ‘vanilla’ on its head.

Wheyhey is offering FREE tubs of its Vanilla serve to those who share the same names called out on the list.

In time for National Vanilla Ice Cream Day (Friday 23rd July), the tubs will be available on a on a first-come-first-serve basis with limited stock.

Brits who are eligible to enter need to simply send a direct message to @WheyheyOfficial on Instagram or Facebook by 11.59pm on Friday 23rd July, with a picture of their ID as proof.

Damien Kennedy, Founder of Wheyhey, commented; “To us, vanilla is far from boring. Vanilla is one of our most popular tubs, fresh and creamy ice cream infused with real vanilla pods that pack a flavour punch. Packed with protein and naturally sugar free, our ice creams are made with the best bit of milk, from grass fed cows.

“With National Vanilla Day soon upon us, we thought it was about time to celebrate what it means to be ‘Vanilla’, changing any negative connotations to the term into positive ones!”