Painting Your Bedroom With These Colours Could Improve Your Sex Life

Almost half of young women have said they feel their body confidence has been knocked in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a negative impact on their sex lives.

A new study by apartment rental brand, Essential Living, reveals a combination of white, purple, gold and teal will help ignite passion in the bedroom:

The Bedroom Colours to Boost your Relationship

In partnership with colour expert Momtaz Begum-Hossain and relationship expert Jen Kaarlo, the study reveals creating a ‘Luxury Boudoir” bedroom will spark romance during lockdown.

Not only does purple signify kindness, and is an ideal choice for work-from-home couples – it’s also magical and luxurious.

Relationship expert Kaarlo suggests, ‘ White, purple, gold and teal make a royal combination. Paired with a velvet bedspread and fluffy white pillows it’s perfect for bringing a little more sensuality and romance to your relationship in a time where ‘date night’ seems off the cards’

For the busier couples, who both want nothing more than to chill out and relax after a day hard at work, experts suggest a ‘tranquil paradise’. The mix of fresh blue, earth green, muted grey and silver is beautifully reminiscent of nature and ‘will soak up any negative tensions’ remaining after a stressful day.

The study also reveals:

Magenta, Canary and Terracotta are the best colours for counteracting any negativity.

Royal blue, sky blue and mustard is the palette to boost confidence in the bedroom

White, Duck-egg blue and Soft pink are perfect for counteracting laziness and impatience.