Nico Donys shares his new single Algo Mágico a romantic reggaeton for a message of love for women

After the release of his first debut album “369” launched in 2019, Nico Donys premieres his new single “Algo Mágico”, based on a romantic reggeaton sound. With this song, the singer wants to rediscover that lost romance and pass a message of love and respect towards people but above all women also because with a small gesture you can find lost love, like that of giving a rose.

“Algo Mágico” was released about a year after his last album, due to the hard times we are going through. All the production was done together with his Colombian collaborators of the “923 Music” team and at “Edrecords” where he had his first beginnings, the management at the publication is managed by his record label, ITALIAN MUSIC PRODUCTION currently managed by his wife.

Recently, the Italian artist was nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in the Music Genre Latin category with the song “Para Que Te Vas”. These nominations join Nico Donys’ other awards as Best Reggaeton Artist and Best Reggaeton Composer.

The song is available on the artist’s official YouTube channel and on all major music platforms.

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