New study by NerdWallet reveals the cost of a proposal this winter

With the festive season being one of the most popular times to pop the question, NerdWallet has surveyed over 1,000 married couples to find out the average cost of an engagement ring, the proposal itself, the dream proposal destinations both within and outside of the UK, and how long it takes to reach this milestone

  • The average cost of an engagement ring is a reasonable £1,394. Edinburgh spends the most at a whopping £2,588, whilst Southampton spends the least at £942
  • Often taking time to plan a proposal, you can expect to spend an average of £787 more making the moment extra special
  • It takes an average of 3 years and 2 months to get engaged to your partner
  • The most popular place to pop the question is at home at 37%, perfect for anyone looking to propose during the second lockdown
  • When it comes to who is the happiest, couples in Manchester come out on top with 91% of couples admitting to being happy. This reflects in its Google searches for proposal ideas and engagement rings, which was higher than any other city this 2020 at 903 searches per 100,000 people each month

The top five cities that spend the most on proposing:

City Engagement ring cost Proposal Costs, i.e. hotel, restaurant, travel costs, etc. Total cost
Edinburgh 2,587.95 754.14 3,342.09
London 1,906.91 1,129.86 3,036.77
Glasgow 1,693.82 937.65 2,631.47
Cardiff 1,669.77 653.85 2,323.62
Belfast 1,629.63 649.24 2,278.87

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