Naturtint’s in-house hairdresser reveals the top 10 questions she’s asked about home hair colouring:

All comments can be credited to Kerry Capewell, an in-house hairdresser who heads up the Naturtint Customer Care team.

Will Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour Gel really cover all my grey? Yes! Naturtint Permanent and Root Retouch Créme Hair Colours offer complete grey coverage from the very first application. If your grey is particularly stubborn and resistant to colour, you may need to allow the colour to develop for the full 40 minutes (20 minutes for the Root Retouch Créme Hair Colours) to achieve complete grey coverage. For the best results when colouring grey hair choose a colour from the Natural (N) shades.
Will colouring my hair at home damage my hair? Naturtint is not only free from ammonia and resorcinol, but is also enriched with natural and organic plant and seed oils and extracts, to gently care for your hair and scalp so with the correct use, Naturtint is very gentle on the hair.
Can I completely change my colour? Naturtint’s gentler formulation means you can go up to two shades lighter than your natural colour, or as dark as you want.

Do I really have to do a skin sensitivity test if Naturtint colours are gentler formulations? Yes – allergic reactions to hair colours can occur at any time, whether the product has been used many times before or not. Try to get into the habit of planning your colouring ahead, so you don’t find yourself unable to colour your hair before a big event!
How often can I colour my hair? To avoid over processing the hair, we recommend you colour your hair no more frequently than every 6-8 weeks with the Naturtint Permanent Hair Colours, which is usually when the root regrowth is visible and requires colouring. If you find your colour is fading during this time, make sure you are using hair care products for coloured hair.
Can I mix colours to create my own unique shade? Yes, by mixing permanent colours you can create an endless palette of shades! Many customers mix colours to create their own unique shade – we have a blog explaining how to combine colours for the best results.

Can I apply Naturtint to hair that has been permed, relaxed, chemically straightened or bleached? Yes, but you should wait 14 days before applying the colourant and ensure your hair has been shampooed at least once. Permed, relaxed or chemically straightened hair is more porous and may require a shorter development time. As bleach removes your natural pigment you may need to put back some warm tones during the colouring treatment. A colour strand test will help you identify the colour and development time required for your hair
Do I have to use the whole box? I have very short hair and hate waste! No, you can use as much as you need. You can simply mix the required amount of colourant and developer (in equal measures in a glass or plastic bowl) and apply to the desired area. Only mix up as much as you need because you cannot save any prepared mixture. Always ensure the lids are securely returned to the unmixed Colourant and Colour Developer bottles and that they are stored safely, in a cool dry place, until your next application.
Can I use Naturtint to colour my eyebrows or beard? No. Naturtint Permanent Hair Colours, Naturtint Root Retouch Crémes or the Reflex Semi-Permanent Hair Colours should never be used to colour any hair other than that on the scalp. The skin on our face is much more sensitive than the scalp so the products should not be used to colour eyebrows, eyelashes, beards or moustaches, and should not be used on other parts of the body
Can I use Naturtint on Afro hair? Yes, but remember to do a stand test beforehand and pay particular attention to the effect on the condition, texture and strength of the hair, particularly if the hair has been previously relaxed. Bear in mind also that Naturtint Permanent Hair Colours can only lift by two shades maximum, so the number of hair colours suitable for use on Afro hair, may be limited.