Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age: Book Empowers Consultants & Coaches to Unleash Strategic Growth in their Service Business

In 2020, the landscape of how consultants, coaches and service providers do business has radically changed. For entrepreneurs to align their business with the pace, life and income they desire, appropriate shifts are required, at the right time.

In her new book, ‘Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age: How to Build and Grow a Successful Service Business in an Increasingly Competitive Marketplace’, Jay Allyson prepares readers to un-tether themselves from their business, and kick-start explosive growth.


LEVERAGED CONSULTING IN THE DIGITAL AGE is the secret weapon and competitive advantage of service businesses looking to start, survive and thrive in an ever more challenging marketplace.

The book is a comprehensive manual for the professional services provider who is:

-Struggling to find clients, doing too many different things for different clients or limiting their work to local clientele

-Frustrated with marketing that isn’t working or poor sales conversion

-Facing an income ceiling or stuck trading only your time or undercharging to stay competitive.

After experiencing all of the above, Jay Allyson dedicated herself to creating more leveraged approaches to building and growing a successful consulting business, making the leap from self-employed supplier of ‘me too’ services to in-demand ‘go-to’ expert and next level business growth.

The book offers a digital roadmap to increasing your visibility, reach and revenue in the competitive professional services industry. It’s the natural next phase of a journey you have already begun as a consultant, coach or other expert.

Packed with inspirational quotes, visuals and learning points, the book shares key principles, practices and processes required for leveraging your expertise, marketing, sales and service delivery and offers seven critical levers for implementing change and achieving success – financially and personally.

“Many coaches and consultants struggle to find clients and, when they do sign someone up, they often undercharge for the value they provide,” explains the author. “The book isn’t the usual prescriptive blueprint. It is instead a guide and compass that readers can use to find the best path for them. I wanted to make it reflexive, whereby the ideas, insights and implementation elements, coupled with questions to ponder and a framework for self-evaluation, provide a kind of mentoring in a book. It’s an invaluable step-by-step that I believe will ultimately transform how service businesses can grow and scale. Whether you’re a consultant, coach, designer, therapist, trainer or any kind of professional practitioner, it’s quite timely in 2020 and beyond.”

Continuing, “Incremental growth is highly achievable in any business. And I know how hard it can be for entrepreneurs to shift their current thinking and familiar habits and start implementing new ideas. That’s why I wrote this book, to support the transition into new strategies, practices and revenue models ready for that next phase.”

Reviews have been extremely positive. Danny Iny writes, “The landscape for independent consultants has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades, rendering many of the good books on the topic woefully out of date. Enter Allyson’s book, which covers the gamut of creating a leveraged consulting business in the digital age, from identifying and attracting clients, to fulfilling on the delivery of services they contract you for, and everything in between. If you’re a service provider looking to create real leverage in your business, this book is for you.”

Another reader adds, “The book has plenty of resources that can be used as tools to transform your thinking about you as a unique person and how to bring this to the marketplace, these tools will help with finding a different kind of client… and to do a better research and marketing plan so you won’t be struggling with time and charges. The book will give how to solve all the problems that can appear in a business giving helpful advice for each one.”

‘Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age: How to Build and Grow a Successful Service Business in an Increasingly Competitive Marketplace’ is available now: https://amzn.to/3fdJvfY

Copies are currently available in paperback and Kindle format, with an audiobook coming shortly.

The author has recently launched a podcast based on the book’s themes, ‘The Leveraged Business Podcast’, which has already achieved a ‘Top 10% Global Ranking’. Listen, here: https://www.podfollow.com/leveragedbusiness.