Leading global startup investment bank, JPIN, launches CleanTech Pitch Day to bolster GreenTech innovation

An ever-growing need for renewable sources of energy has given rise to various forms of fresh, innovative technology – paving the way for an increased momentum in CleanTech investments. With its adoption increasingly heading towards mainstream and large-scale usage, investments in ESG, Impact, Clean & Green Tech have continued to surge – UK net-zero tech companies doubling in value from £17.8B to £34.8B in the past year alone.

To support this sector’s expansion, growth and global transition, JPIN, the leading global start-up investment bank, organised a sector focused pitch day on CleanTech to assist with ensuring a sustainable tomorrow. The event served as a platform for CleanTech startups to gain access and forge significant connections with venture capital networks – with an aim to scale their businesses to global levels.

The Pitch Day hosted around 40 global investors who were presented with 12 Seed to Series A CleanTech deals – five from the UK and seven others from across the globe – with a total valuation of over $250M. Alongside leading UK industry players and VCs such as Cambridge Cleantech and UK government initiatives such Act4Green II, over 200 applications were shortlisted through rigorous competition, due diligence, and strong assessment. Backed by renowned venture funds and a global clientele, the 12 startup companies came in with a pre-commitment to the tune of $17M prior to The Pitch Day. With co-investments from the leading oil and gas companies of the US and the UK, JPIN is aiming to raise $50M through this momentous event.

Nayan Gala, founder of JPIN, comments:
“Sustainability is becoming a key priority for corporates around the world. Curated to support and create a portfolio of companies that have a focus on CleanTech, GreenTech and ClimateTech, this pitch day is a testament of JPIN’s commitment towards ESG and Impact investing.”

Nayan Gala, founder of JPIN, comments:
“There is a growing need to preserve whatever is left of our precious planet and every single individual plays a key role in improving the world collectively. At JPIN, we are committed to the importance of creating a robust ecosystem of green and cleantech innovation. This pitch day was aimed at promoting the need to invest today for a sustainable tomorrow, presenting opportunities for start-ups/corporates and investors alike.”

With an aim to create a superhighway for start-ups, JPIN regularly hosts sector and geography agnostic Global Investor Meets, designed to connect ambitious founders with pioneering investors and businesses who need a timely injection of capital, with investors looking for sustained and consistent potential. Their meticulous evaluation process on-boards businesses with a potential to be global giants backed by JPIN’s proprietary global network, thus providing investors access to high quality investment deals. JPIN has successfully hosted eight Global Investor Meets since 2020, and similar to CleanTech, has started to focus on identifying key and growth potential sectors that will shape the future.