Inside ‘OTHER SKIES: An Exoplanetary Festival’, exploring our relationship with what is beyond the solar system

CLOT Magazine, in collaboration with Multiverse Concert Series and SciArt Initiative, are pleased to announce a new collaborative project, OTHER SKIES: an exoplanetary festival, a one-day online event taking place on the 20th March 2021 that will explore our relationship with what is beyond the solar system.

This day-long celebration of exoplanetary science will interweave, through an artistic lens, an online exhibition with musical performances and talks from renowned artists and scientists working at the cutting edge of exoplanet research. By coming together, this diverse array of creatives and scientists will present a full picture of our exoplanetary horizons and the ramifications for all humanity.

At the heart of this event will be the exhibition space, an immersive online environment specially created for the festival by New Art City and curated by CLOT Magazine and SciArt Initiative. Events will take place inside a freely navigable 3D gallery hosting visual and sound art pieces, live-streamed talks, panels, and music from Multiverse Concert Series. As if wandering through unexplored terrains, this space will draw the audience to explore how recent discoveries in exoplanetary science permeate popular culture.

The exhibition Exoplanetary Dust will showcase an international array of renowned artists and collaborations interpreting topics such as the meaning of extraplanetary life and how we could bring earthly life into those exoplanets; How do exoplanets sound like? And our need to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence. Videos, photographs, sound, poetry, and essays entering into a dialogue that will immerse the audience in a thoughtful journey expanding interstellar dimensions. Names include Albert Barque-Duran & Marc Marzenit, Ani Liu, Ed Bell, Sónar Calling GJ273b, Nicole L’Huiller & Daniela Catrileo, Raphael & Jae Yeop Kim, 30drop & Stephen Mclaughlin, Recsund & Alien Jams, Sun Araw & Theo Triantafyllidis, Richelle Gribble, Marlena Bocian-Hewitt, Lisa Messeri and Suzanne Anker.

The talks and panel (with presenters from MIT, Fermilab, Yale, and Harvard University) will expand on these topics -giving a more deep insight into the scientific discoveries without losing the humanistic perspective-, while the performances will portray the exuberant interplay between musicians and scientific concepts. Families with children are invited to an interactive workshop from Integral Steps: Exoplanetary Adventure!

Tickets for the event are available by donation with a single registration giving access to the gallery, talks, and concert through this link. All organizing partners are nonprofit organizations.